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The power of a digital signature. Is it legally binding?

How powerful is a signature? It can confirm a job offer to provide you a cash flow during a pandemic. It can guarantee a confirmed new project contract. It can officiate a new business venture. It can nullify a former life-long vow.

And because of an unprecedented pandemic, basic things like a “wet signature” are suddenly unsafe and questionable due to social-distancing protocols. While we can easily insert a PNG of our signature to a contract, some agreements and local compliances are more complex. 

Are e-signatures legally binding? How do we prove the authenticity of a digital signature? Are there documents that can’t be e-signed? What’s the role of a notary during a pandemic? While there are easy-to-use workarounds through Dropbox and DocuSign, are they compliant to an apparently existing “Electronic Signature Laws & Regulations” in the Philippines? Is it legally binding?

These are some of the questions we’re currently addressing through a new venture under UNAWA SIGNSECURE. 

I’m unable to write yet about the shareable behind the scenes but for now, check out this video and visit to learn more!

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