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Quarantine Mobility – a good time to own an electric kick scooter in the Philippines

PH coronavirus cases surge past 164,000 as Duterte decides on Mega Manila  MECQ

PH coronavirus cases surge past 164,000 as Duterte decides on Mega Manila MECQ, Rappler

Unreliable public transportation, scary bike paths, humid weather conditions, and social distancing confusion during a pandemic. Who thought our congested city mobility issues can get even worse?
Reflecting on these, I realized buying an electric kick scooter almost a year ago was a good decision. 


Commuters wait to get a ride along a road in Quezon City, the Philippines, on June 1, 2020.

Manila lifts lockdown but many opt to stay home over coronavirus fears. StraitTimes

But with costs ranging from 15,000 to 200,000 pesos, Electric Kick Scooters are not cheap alternatives for the masses or young professionals. 

Trying to trackback, it seems that the electric Kick Scooters community started with a handful of hobbyists who were early-adopters of the expensive scooter brand Dualtron. Dualtron is the gold-standard scooter brand that can cost as much as a second-hand car because they are one of the pioneers of an early-stage tech. 

Minimotors Dualtron Philippines - Dualtron Minimotors Line-up 2020 |  FacebookDualtron Ultra - Scoozzi


Now thank God we have a much cheaper (up to 10x less) and well-designed mass version of electric scooters came into form through Xiaomi M365. The same local electric kick scooter community was kind enough to extend the help and support to more Filipinos looking for alternative ways to move:


And with health workers figuring out their ways to save lives with the everchanging quarantine initials, here are some practical advantages of owning an electric kick scooter during quarantine or pandemic:

  1. Social-distancing compliant. Barrier not needed:
  2. Electric
    Get Xiaomi Mijia M365 Pro Folding Electric Scooter For Just $529.99

  3. Requires no license (just follow local guidelines and follow the local community!)

  4. More accessible and affordable now with local vendors (you can even fund transfer and get your eScooter Lalamove-d with JimEskoot online seller) and after-sales service centers

  5. Looks good on a smart casual (or WFH) attire! 

  6. Foldable and portable. Can be brought up inside an elevator or inside the office 

  7. Multi-modal ready. You can bring it inside an LRT train (not on rush hour) or throw it easily in your car trunk. You can now park a few kilometers away from your office with cheaper parking rates, then breeze through your way to a nearby meeting or your office.

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