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Investing global and tech part 1: Diversifying from PH stock market and why I’m bullish on Disruptive Tech

Hey! Welcome to a brand new blog series on!  I’m excited to finally sit down and start sharing about my ongoing journey on how I started and why I decided to learn about global investing in 2021. I’m moving 10 to 20% of my funds on global tech and I want to openly share my journey as it goes. Most of which are thoughts I’ve started replying to some friends who reply to my IG stories progress. Let’s go!

Here’s my bias on why I started MOVING MOST OF CRYPTO TRADING FUNDS TO INVEST in global markets especially with tech TOWARDS THE vaccine distribution and pandemic recovery.
  1. PH stock market is currently sideways after an overoptimistic recovery to pre-pandemic levels as of Feb 2021.

“Wala nang COVID??”

With the lockdowns and vaccine access still argued on news headlines, can you believe our stock market index is already at pre-pandemic levels? 

In the investing-trading world, I’ve recently learned that they refer to the stock market as a  “forward-looking reflection of the economy.” It’s definitely not the REAL economy. And ‘Overoptimistic” might be more appropriate if it was up to my risk appetite.

I still hold a handful of aggressive mutual funds on my account but pulled out most of my equity funds towards December UK strain to secure profit. That’s the capital I used to start and open my personal global investing fund.

2. PH Vaccine distribution will take a while and is affecting indicators and sentiment toward our economy


3. THERE ARE More platforms THAT are accessible and trusted LOCALLY. 

Top two platforms I’ve been hearing more are Etoro as a starter kit for noobs like me and great mobile experience. And then IBKR for advanced traders with higher volume capital.  TD Ameritrade comes in third recommended but I don’t know someone personally yet using it. Will search about it more.

4. I share about the future enabled by technology and digital transformation, but I can’t put my money where my mouth is with the local stock market

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Here’s one of my go-to slide when asked about “What’s next?”

Mga resulta ng larawan para sa gartner hype cycle 2019

With this in mind, where can I invest in radical and disruptive tech in PH?

The closest one I was able to follow as local tech stock? Xurpas or $X which is 97% down since its all-time highs O.o

As of this post, I’m holding $PHA swing stock trade which is majority-owned by emerging fintech player SQUIDPAY but that’s the closest there is for PH stock market digital and emerging technologies when I looked around. I’m sure there’s more but not alongside the one I’m looking for.

Now, compare it to ARK INVEST funds that I’ve recently started to research and invest:



Those are the kinds of industries I talk about in my speaking engagements. Those are the future-friendly industries I believe in.

5. RegioGLOCAL. Start local but think REGIONAL AND global.
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I hear this mindset often on the local startup community, Bootcamp in MaGIC Malaysia, and often from my economics professor during graduate school at the Asian Institute of Management. This apparently reflected more on my 2021 investing-trading portfolio.

That’s why I’m glad I’ve started with global markets small but earlier, and finally able to invest in tech brands I love (AIRBNB Travel), believe to be the catalysts of the future (TESLA, ALIBABA, AND GENOMICS COMPANIES), or used at work (SALESFORCE CRM).

Here’s what my global portfolio  looks like in my  watch list and real folio:

Hey! I hope you found this part 1 insightful. If you want to learn more on the platforms I personally use, check out the next post.

I recently discovered Creators of Wealth private community and found it perfect for newbie global investors. In fact, all my friends asking about startig global invest, I refer to their free webinars since they explain it live and better than I do. I’ve attended their free 101 and 102 sessions and I’ve personally referred it to former agency clients and friends who want to start. An yes, confirmed! Not networking, you won’t sell any product, and no coffee shop involved. 😛

If you’re interested to attend that, start your global investing adventure account for free here ideally using a desktop device. Open an account and KYC  verfication will take about an hour. It won’t cost you more but you we earn referral bonus like any other modern platforms. In exchange, you get exclusive access to the FB and chat groups for the latest on globa investing insights from Filipino investors when you use that link.

See you there or whenever you’re ready!



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