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How to Refund Unused CebuPac Flights

(Unused, I mean I never flew the flight)

I had a lot of unused CebuPac flights in the past and only recently did I learn that it’s possible to refund partially your unused flight tickets.

I logged a ticket via the Website’s customer service and I got a confirmation email of the customer care reference number raised.

After a few weeks, they confirmed that they have processed my request. One email confirmed that they will refund my terminal fee while the other email said that govt taxes will be refunded. I need to check on the next few billing cycles if they will indeed be refunded! Stay tuned.

Please note that I have an existing cebupac/getgo account and I think it’s prerequisite to be able to log the customer service reference number via the website.

Need to refund on Cebu Pacific cancelled flights? –>

Need to check your Cebu Pacific travel fund? –>

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