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How to Make Online Medical Consultation in the Philippines – Medifi App

Still because of the enhanced community quarantine, we were kind of forced to try out online medical consultation. We needed to consult to a dermatologist. I was suggested to use the Medifi app.

Just like any app, you can easily figure out how to use it.

They have 2 ways to start your consultation, either Consult Now or Find your doctor

medifi app philippines

In Consult Now, you enter your concern and I think they will suggest a doctor.

medifi app philippines

There is a fixed fee for the Consult Now while if you use the Find your doctor,  you can do your own search and each doctor have their own fee set in the app.

I used the Find your Doctor and was able to start the conversation with the doctor. So far, it’s only via chat. There is a button for video but it was disabled during my consultation. I was able to send pictures and the doctor was able to send diagnosis and prescription.

For improvement of the app:

During the consultation, there were times when messages came in late. I followed up once and the doctor said that she already sent her diagnosis and further questions but I haven’t received them. She just resent them and later on all her previous messages appeared. It took us around 3 hours to complete because there was no notification yet in the app and I didn’t notice whenever there’s a reply.

Payment was done via credit card and wont be able to use your HMO.

Prescription is sent in the app and in your registered email.

Still, it’s a good alternative during these times.

medifi app philippines
medifi app philippines

Got any questions? Leave a comment and will come back to you asap. 🙂

For more information, visit their website.

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