How China prepares the next generation of creators through MakerFaire Shenzen

When we arrived at MakerFair Shenzen, the first thing we noticed was the welcome booth facade where kids play with robots. And tents that look like a toy fair but for hi-tech hardware:

You’ve most likely heard about the “Maker Movement” used in tech conference or mentioned by your “Maker” Designer friends. 

The Company Behind Maker Faire and Make: Magazine Has Shut Down

Or perhaps you recognize Grant Imahara’s cover in the Magazine series:Complete run of MAKE magazine on / Boing Boing


I just knew it was a conference based in Shenzen and the mascot robot gives me a “Gundam-Japan” or “Cooler than Google Android mascot” vibe

Apparently, it originated from the community of makers in Shenzen from their annual “Makerfaire festival”

While we were excited to attend this, we didn’t expect it to feel like a toy fair where kids (and kids at heart) would enjoy exploring robotics and hardware in a fun environment.

Is this how China prepares the next generation of makers and innovators? By making it modular, fun, and experiential?

Here’s the teaser video if you haven’t seen it yet:


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