Face Value: Yes, you can withdraw cash via ATMs in China using your face

Prior to visiting Shenzen, I already knew you can pay for your purchases on convenience stores with AliPay Face-Scanning feature.

Pay with your face: 100m Chinese switch from smartphones - Nikkei Asian Review

Pay with your face: 100m Chinese switch from smartphones,

Most stores and vending machines either have a full touch screen display for QR  scanning or a camera panel for face detection. That didn’t surprise me.

What blew my mind was that you can use your face to get cash 24/7:


If I bring a photo of my rich friend, can I withdraw money? If I change my glasses or haircut, will it still detect me? Can hackers use CCTV face footage to withdraw money?

While we can only come up with questions at this point, the confidence alone of using facial data in a heavily regulated and risk-averse industry like banking says a lot about how far and different China is on using Artificial Intelligence.

While Facial Recognition and Detection use of Artificial Intelligence are just starting to create more use cases from unlocking your phone to identity verification to banking KYC, this takes it to the next level.

Facial Detection vs Facial Recognition — catarino consulting

Facial Detection vs Facial Recognition, catarinoconsulting

Jumio Identity Verification for Mobility Services - YouTube

Designing a Humanoid Brain-3 - AbhiTronix-Verse

In the Philippines, we have the phrase “Mukha kang pera.” But with China’s “Withdraw money with your face” feature, it could be a literal translation.

And that completely change what your “Face Value” means 😛

P.S. I tried using the AliPay FaceScanning function to buy a drink at the train station. Watch that section in this Vlog:

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