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Ditch the paper health declaration forms and long lines with SafePass.Asia! Get access using SMS, Chatbot, or Website

Do you recall having to visit a bank or a shopping mall with your uncomfortable face shield under the tropical weather of the Philippines?

Then you have to line up with social distancing, wait to be queued up, and then you have to look for your pen to minimize contact in filling out the health declaration forms to enter an establishment.

And then when an unfortunate positive case incident gets reported, the establishment has to rummage through piles of manual forms and hours of CCTV footage to comply with the government guidelines.

And then when you enter your mobile number and personal info in the form, you wonder if this process is complying with the data privacy law for storage and destruction. Will you receive spam SMS because of this?

Those are the problems the SAFEPASS team at Talino Venture Labs has been obsessing to help solve in the past few months during the pandemic.

The output was SAFEPASS.ASIA:

It’s currently on version two iteration and it still amazes me realizing this was built just months ago. Here’s the summary of the v2 launch:

What makes SafePass.Asia different? It’s designed to help businesses reopen safely and regain the trust of visitors. Supported by DOT, DTI, and IAT:

It works on smartphones, too!
It runs for those with a smartphone to get your QR code sent and scanned for easy entry, but also now runs on 2G mode. Meaning you can get access to even without mobile data or a smartphone via SMS:

It’s a Filipino Startup.
It’s also a startup so the data you share is owned by you and processed by the business using SafePass . The government has no access to data in case you still have trust issues after Comeleak issue.


You can try it for free. 
It comes in multiple plans and you can get SAFEPASS BASE for free!


It’s one of the projects we’ve been working on and continuously iterating as we brace for the next normal. If you know a business who needs a tool to help comply with government guidelines, provide contact-free and not-just-smartphone access to guests, feel free to have them jump to

Keep safe!

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